I don’t have a clue…

I don’t know what I should be doing. i should probably be exercising. Being powerful. I am very weak now.

Very weak.

I should be exercising.

People can hurt me on accident. Don’t worry. Think nothing of it. I can take hits. I don’t smoke pot. I mean physical blows, like mental damage, like being hurt and pained and injured. Taking hits. Simple simple.

But in any case, what should I be doing right now? I had a cup of water. I should probably hydrate more. I’ve been drinking decaf all day. Yuck. What a mysterious addiction.

Thinking of Amber right now for some reason.

Second day in a row with psychosis, mild. Mom hypothesizes it’s caused by caffeinated coffee, too much. I had three today, and yesterday. So she’s probably right. It really boosts my mood for a while, but if it causes psychosis later on, I’d say not worth it or at least cut it back.

Yeah. So maybe 2 tomorrow, 1 the day after.

Planning. How I am a poor at planning. Man.


What else…

Yeah something happened with dad, and mom and bro got upset. No surprises there. It’s funny how reliably it occurs, though. Rather like magic.


I don’t think it’s a big deal, but I also am not the one who did the work, so.


Trying to read here and there when I can. Updating my GoodReads profile when I make progress. That’s a website for doing such and other things with books and reading, FYI for those who didn’t know.

I didn’t make progress on my web design course today. That should be my number one goal, really. Fuck poetry. It’s useless. It won’t pay the bills. If I choose a life of writing that shit, I choose to be a moocher. And I will hate myself. Really.

No one will believe me, either. They say, If so, why not act.

Yeah not so easy, fucks.

Who’s useless trash now.

Bringing society to it’s stiff burial ground.

No kindness.


Democratic fascism.

40 laws anti-gay this year.




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