Just In Case

I set my legacy settings on my google account to contact my family.

So yeah.

And what else…

I need to review my financial accounts and make sure they’re up to date there.


What about apocalypse? And if only a few survive? What would you want to do for them? What would you want to leave behind for them? To help them get through, and flourish. You know?

It’s there, there are things to consider beyond daily life, what we normally worry about. There are things to think about, new novel things. Not really strange things, but unique ones.

Texted Nick. We’re sort of talking again. We haven’t had a phone call yet but we want to.

And yeah. What a strange Thanksg.

All that math that has been proven and understood that lays the foundation for our universe.

And I guess the philosophy might be important too. I don’t really know if philosophy is real or fake.

So it goes.

When I start to panic. And worry, about nothing. fear that something bad is going to happen. Starting to think, strangely enough, just to logically prepare. Okay what if something bad happens? Or maybe you can prevent it, you know?

Well. I’m not going to buy a gun or anything. Risk shooting myself. Fuck that.

It’s weird. I didn’t know insanity existed when I was young. Now I know my father’s a narc and half the world at any given moment is brain sick.

It’s weird. Weird knowledge.

And science is so powerful and compassionate.

How I often forget that.

How I often forget the capacity of the world. How much it holds.

It’s amazing.

But I have more I need to do. I just don’t know what it is, yet.

Help me, if you can. Help me out there, by doing your part. Do what you do.


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