I was worried I was spending too much time with my mom.

No. I was restricting myself, and her. Putting pressure on her, by putting pressure on myself.

Don’t restrict. Feel alive, feel free. Go where you need to, trust your instincts. It sounds scary but it’s the right thing to do.

All it means in this case, however, is that I should actually talk to my mom more, not less.

She loves me so much. I just realized that, talking to her. My mental models of people (empathy), understanding of how they perceive me, all that, is developing with her. Or rather, it was broken, and it’s recovering. Same with all the relationships in my life.

So. We just need to repair my empathy cells. The brain cells and neuronal networks responsible for social feels.

Yeah that.

Including with my audience, here, on WP.

I would gamble heavily that it is too, so, that I don’t write too much, but too little.



And but of course, now you know, it will take time.

I apologize.

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