I’m cold. The room is cold. I feel sick.

I’m worried that I’m going to say, Well I’ve already made so much progress (on web design studying), isn’t that enough? and not study anymore. Lazy…

I had a dream about my ex, we were arguing sort of, it was a dramatic situation with others who were very involved, some being victimized, some bullying, and it was just supposed to be like a party time event. I got flustered about the party game we were supposed to be playing and called it quitsies over near one of the chairs behind it over there to the right but when I turned my x-ray vision saw my ex sitting on the chair. Didn’t want to be there but flustered to move.

Then another dream, I had a long beard and I was cutting it with a machine learning intermediate node between scissors and a comb, and it twisted and sort of broke on me.

I feel like fucking throwing up. This computer feels unhygeinically disgusting.

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