Freedom of Expression is This

Do it fuck it.

I am going to say it.

Fuck off, FBI.

If another politician lies I am going to murder them.

Tell me if I’m lying or telling the truth.

Fuck my freedom of expression, will you?

What if someone needs to vent specifically that?

Fuckers. Dictators. Suppress us and our anger only grows stronger. It makes the problem worse. Understand this.

Other thoughts:

Do it. Blog a lot. Don’t say it’s stupid. Freedom and creativity and love are not stupid. It’s awesome. Keep going.

Don’t listen to bitches.

Fuck. But do listen to bitches.

Ahh it’s hard to say how to say it right.

Say it neigh it bitch sauce cupcake in my jizz afternoon hazard lova ya <3~

fucker (fuck her)

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