I see through your lies, all of youo.

I need to get rid of the slime in my life.

And I can’t actually move and stuff. So that just means spending more time on my own. Maybe go to the library, the book store.

Fuck. Who knows.

My slime dad who spies on me and always thinks he’s right just asked me to help him repackage a printer he bought from costco or some shit and paid too much for as an impulse purchase.

He always asks me for help. He is not self-sufficient or independent and he’s like in his 60s.

He’s a piece of trash.

Why should I help HIM with a piece of office equipment HE wasted money on. Why am I involved at all.

Because I’m a nice guy? Easy to exploit? Over and over again.

You’re all slime, and you’re going to die just like you live: begging for favors.

Good luck.

Fuck you.

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