And this whole psychiatry/therapy thing, where many people compain that they want you on pills, they want you to be a zombie because it makes them money.

It’s true.

And you know what?

It’s not just the pills. It’s the therapy, too.

They reinforce your paranoia. They don’t try to give you back your confidence. They say, look, we both know you have anxiety/depression/paranoia, whatever. They don’t even HOPE to help your motivation. What the fuck. And then they diagnose you not just diagnose you but sub-diagnose you, say what’s wrong with you within what’s wrong with you.

And in therapy, they preach “the rules of why you’re sick”. You’re sick because of your thoughts .Your thoughts cause emotions which cause bodily reactions.

Those are the rules.

Think it’s not caused by thoughts, but emoitons? Nope. We’re right. We did all the science. Fuck you. You’re a stupid patient. Eat shit.

It’s dumb. It’s fucked and it’s dumb. I hate modern psychiatry. It’ll stabilize you, but don’t get engrossed or involved. It’s mindless exploitative trash.

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