I had a bunch of dreams. Turns out I live a whole nother life in my dreams.

I was worried I would have to retake high school English because I’m not doing well in it (in my dreams). And my dad isn’t making any commissions from real estate so his office mandatory lease is going to kill the family’s finances. (That one’s real but it’s in my dreams too i a different version, where we live in a different house with different house payments. I remember his study in that house, in the front middle of the house, with all its old furniture. This house is new and we’ve minimized the number of old furniture we have in it. It’s also much smaller.)

And other adventures. Like, yesterday I invaded a Christian cult. It was action-packed.

But dreams are not devoid of worry. It’s odd. And ohgod am I glad for some things when I wake up, like not only do I not have to retake mandatory high school English or not get a degree, not even do I have to take it ONCE! Such a good deal.

Lentils and mushrooms for dinner. Thanks mom.

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