I don’t know. Something.

Supposed to be studying web design. I think I chose another career I don’t like.

I don’t like anything.

Dad is broke. Still spending. He’s an idiot. He asked me for $60 the other day to do something with mom’s phone. I don’t get it. He’s so stupid.

I wake up and go to the computer.

I want to wake up and walk through the woods.

There aren’t even woods around here.

It’s so fucked.

This geography fucking sucks.

Metropolitan and suburban sprawl are so stifling.

When everything is a stone.

And it’s not that objects are nasty, or evil, but that they’re hard to break into.

Objects, people, and activities.

People have me pinned. I’m the bad guy, guys! Hiiii! You got me. Good job.

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