My parents, both of them, though they’re terribly different people and antagonize one another in fact, have terrible attitudes each. Whenever I give them good advice or like motivation or tell them to do something healthy they don’t say like, Yeah you’re right I should I will etc., they fucking ARGUE. They’re fucking morons. I asked dad if he got any exercise lately. He said think that’ll help with this? and showed me his arthiritic fingers (new problem, recent). Fucker. No, but it’ll help with your fat fucking belly. Dumbass. You’re not excused from exercise because you have arthiritis, dumb fuck. Plus, why are you bitching at me about your fingers? Go see a fucking doctor, stupid.

It’s nearly the same with my mother, about other stuff though.

I hate people who A) change topics from the argument at hand to run away from what they’re supposed to confront and b) act tough like you’re a piece of shit and they’re great.

Both the parents tick off both those boxes.

Fuck you, mom and dad. FUCK you.

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