Are violent words violence?

Are they?

You haven’t done anything.

Reading Flow my tears… by PKD.


I want to read more, to download imaginary sci fi worlds to my brain imagination station, but I can’t focus for very long.

My psychiatrist always says she doesn’t understand my symptoms. She’s not a very good psychiatrist if she says that.

I might have to report her, to her healthcare company.

*smug smile*

Smiling like this reminds me of an old Asian American girl friend (but not girlfriend).

From high school.

I’ve behaved too poorly on here. Someone might try to report me. I can’t risk any personal identifying information.

I just want a body to touch, or talk with.

Something. Warmth.

Just someone to be with.

Mom has to sleep to work in another hospital.

Dad is insane and I never feel him.

What is life.

These endings. Huffppf.

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