There are details. My inner monologues says they may be important. It might be a dialogue. But I’m not telling you what they are. Because I’m tired. Too tired. It’s just for entertainment anyway. I have a caffeine dependence. I need it to stay healthy. I have dependence on modern pharmaceutical medicines. I need them […]

Fuck off

I don’t really feel like writing but fuck the duck dad’s raping me ‘gen. Her her her. Wrote my therapist bout it. Fuck the duck bone the stone. What of I chirp it off. No whatever I mean life is horrifying. Why do the fools think there’s anything good about being alive. Death is better. […]

I think my mother’s love is backfiring. But I can’t explain it, and I don’t know why. What phenomenon is this? I hear her voice, possibly, but most of the time it isn’t her. But there’s some evidence, when in the light and free from harm, that it was, transformed. What is it?