I’m really lonely.

My mother is suppressing me.

Turns out someone in society always is.

Fuck you.

And then i yell at the wrong people.

It’s not fair.

Someone shoot her.

Warning shoot. Right in front of the feet. No puncture wounds.

What else…

My therapist says the crux of my recovery rests upon doing things I have to get done even when I don’t feel like doing them. I deduce what she means by that is that, in addition, that’d be a sign of maturity and independence, of strength.

I am not there yet. It seems like bullshit to just tell someone, Go, accomplish. Go, do. Fucker.

No you fucker. Cut the bullshit. You haven’t provided any strategies, tips, recovery routes or options, or help on how to get started with my tasks. You fucking blind parrot.

Therapists are braindead. Physicists are smart, on the contrary.

If only therapists were as smart as physicists. It seems just as important. Why doesn’t it attract brainiacs like physics?

My mom is obsessed with food. It abuses me and drives me insane. She’s turned something pleasant, meal time with family or friends, into a torture. She IS a psychopath. Fucking useless Russian trash old woman with bad personality. Fuck her.

What else…

So yeah things are going great. I have me myself and I. I have to like myself. Consider…

oh fuck never mind, mom from next door just sent me a nother negative bolt of energy. She keeps sending them and I have to grit my teeth while writing this through them.

She is an evil black wizard.

Evil slime.

She deserves death.

Let’s focus on that for now. Not me.

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