To touch upon the heart

I wasn’t sure why people were saying, “You don’t have to.” I wanted to. But no one knew.

I have t’ clip ma nails.

But that’s fine.

I like writing.

I don’t have to, huh?

I’m not offended, either.

I like you.

Thanks for being there.

I won’t tell you anything to not do. I have everything in my court to improve.

It’s all on me.

You are free to be you.

And I am free to be me.

I am so sorry for all I have done wrong…

But you seem to be enjoying yourself

Making monster faces at me.



Chips and salsa, innit.

I had a taco salad. T’was divine.

Need to eat another one. But eating is a hassle. (At this rate I’d be anorexic if my meds didn’t make me fat. Har har.)

Who are you?

No, really.

Oh… you have OCD.

I’m sorry.

I didn’t know!

I’m sorry!

Don’t worry about it.

They’re just details.

This is a (b)onus post.

An onus post lol.

The onus is on us! As always it is and always it will be.

I am so mad poetic. Beat shrill beat thick.


Ye bra boi.

Boi who wears bras.


Ha ha ha.

Something in the depths makes me uncomfortable…

But I should be thankful.

I think that’s just me being in touch with my own brain.

That’s an asset, not a liability.

Don’t be scared, v. You’re awesome.

I need to study commoner language from previous eras.

I hate the commoner language from this era.

Especially the youth.

I want to sound like a mature adult from the 30s.

Do I eva.

Har har.


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