Hi everyone. i survived last night.

It’s getting to the point that… Um… each evening, whether I remember it as chaotic nightmare mode or not, I should survive. Wow that was poorly constructed sentence. You know what I mean though. So I have to apologize the next morning (it’s afternoon, v…) to you, you, yes you, my beloved followers, for anything that may have happened that I don’t remember. You can offend people without realizing it, too!

I need to learn some life lessons. i’m so unwise. When did that happen…

Or maybe it’s just a new ballgame. The 30s. Maturity upgrade, but not for me.

I’m tired.

Um, what else…

Telepathy and anger. That was last night. It’s so often lately. It doesn’t even bother me that I don’t remember “the running average” like my mom and healthcare want me to. Everyone wants numbers! Relax. It’s okay. Just deal with the moment. If you want numbers, comit me to a clinical trial and start recording the numbers. Stop mooching.


Here’s the meat:

Mom is going out with brother to shop for a Christmas tree. We’re not a Christian family (dad is vehemently atheist, actually, and I’m agnostic–no info on the others but not devote religious en tout cas) but we do the pagan traditions. Trees. Gifts.

I’m sorry. I’m just. I have more to say but I’m tired.

I must be coming down with a cold or something.

Once I stop being a raging dumpster fire I’m sure friends will find me.

Laughable, I know…

Well, thanks for listening. Sorry to cut it short.

Have a nice day.


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