Normal Today

Today was pretty much normal. Mormal. Mrr mrr grgl grgl. My mom said I had no symptoms for like 3 weeks before this last week. I believe her. I kinda remember.

I like writing poetry. A little too much. I could self publish like a book a year. More. Three. Four. Who knows.

I don’t think I’ve sold any copies still. Except to my self.

I feel pretty normal now. I’m not scared of my stalker-murderers. Poor fellows.

I learned a little quantum physics, quantum computers. I need to learn more on the subject. I’m particularly interested in the advanced cutting edge material physics they will need to develop to insulate quantum computers. I guess they do it in liquid O2 or something? I don’t know don’t quote me on that, seriously.

How are you all doing?

I haven’t exercised in a while. I wish I had a tennis partner. Actually I wish I had a girlfriend who just was really good at tennis or soccer or something and I could exercise with her. And she was cool and yeah I could have her and she could have me.

The Beatles have some really good lyrics. I never knew. Is Silver Hammer about famous engineers and physicists? Lol. I didn’t know. That’s funny. The silver hammer must be an inside joke about an algorithm or equation or something.

One can only postulate.

I need to do my French exercises.

But really, the solution is, once you’re on a run, or have found a lead, that leads to the next, keep going and never stop. Once your stop you’re in dead water.

Thanks for reading. Ta!~


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