The cult mentality is winning. I don’t know who it is. What cults follow this, exactly. I’m sure at least a few have this trait in common: No negativity. They taught us that early in elementary school. It’s a scary one, and seems innocuous at first. But if you can’t vent anger, for example, it gets bottled up, and eventually it gets worse until you explode, or you just twist your mind. Or, other things. Like, for humor purposes. It kills a lot of good humor.

No negativity is a horrifying property of cults. Bear that in mind when surfing the internet and interacting with society at large, particularly in foreign countries and localities of your own country if it has them.

I’ll discuss other properties of cults later. Such as, when advertizing themselves, using pictures of people smiling with primary color scheme fashion wear. They always use primary color schemes. Have you noticed? It must be pleasant to the simple mind. Simple colors for a simple eye. Obviously they’d take offense and threaten my life if they heard me, but they can’t hurt me through the internet.

Anyway. I’ll talk more about this after I take a break and do some thinking.

Thanks for hanging out.


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