What was I going to say… I forget…

Most people I feel like I used to know at one point or another made it a priority in their life to whore out for a paycheck. None of them really ground and went into the pure arts, for example. Or just worked on meaningful things and reduced expenses. They all wanted to buy houses and get married, so they got the jobs that would let them do that, even if that meant whoring out like capitalist pigs.

This is another reason I’m not friends with a lot of former friends on facebook. Because I don’t respect them anymore.

I want raw, beautiful, love-saturated folks in my life. Who talk like their mouths be pussies, splurge juice, and love every moment of existence. Who love to create more than anything else.

I don’t want a business degree go daddy or like some second half life cert make the paycheck nofuckwadbody in my life.

Yeah. That’s all I had to say.

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