I’m working on a new game in Unity, I started 2 new ones to always have something to work on even if I’m stuck on 1. So I have 4 games to work on, 5 if you count our children’s storybook game which I paused production on, so yeah, that’s a great number.

This one is hedonistic pleasure, not gonna give away any secrets, like an arcade casual fun game, not storyline driven or anything, not even any characters, just shapes and animations for eye candy. Like I said, hedonistic pleasure game. I think it’s gonna be super cool once it’s done.

I started working on a particle system I need for my explosions just today, and I stared at it for a while not knowing what to do, and I got up to get some instant decaf and in my brain I could tell was loaded the feeling of what game design office time feels like, or should feel like. So I can tell I’m going in the right direction. So that’s good.

I really don’t have anything else to say besides that. I hope you are all doing well this holiday season. I saw an article on the W Post about Arizona evictions going up, and one dude who specialized in it, and his name was Lennie or something, and he did like over 10 a day, ten minutes one eviction in ten minutes. Superb asshole, in other words. Completely unlikeable person.

But some people don’t care about their own humanity. So what can we do to them. Really.

You know?


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