As people continue to psychically obsess over me while claiming to loathe me…

Uhh yeah, how is everyone doing?

I don’t know what I did. Man. Wow. The authorities beamed into everyone’s brain the black list. I wonder who else is on it tho. lol.

Fun times.

Funny how easy to explain such a strange concept is. I love English some times. I guess the Brits are no strangers to paranoia and espionage. lulw.

No word’s on CJ and his recovery from attempted suicide. Interesting fellow. Kind of a douche, but eh. British. So it goes.

Gaslighting comes standard. Flow iteth.

I made some progress on my web design studies. Like, a whole minisection on the coursework vids are out of the way. Superbe! =)

These people I speak of, they’re fans of beating little children. Like beating babies. That’s the sort of people we’re dealing with. Just FYI.

I finished building a computer. Mini ITX chassis. Superbe! =)

It took so long. It was on pause for like a year. I had it planned as a server, but bought different parts and this is like the second. High end components tho. First computer with a dedicated graphics card. I have joined the club. The kids, the new generation. lulw.

I’m just staring at it on the floor, thinking of what to say. I don’t know what to say. It’s a work of beauty. A work of art. lulw.

winz =)

Yamber sells her eggs for drugs.


That’s how you get by in NY. Anywhoo.

A chink married to a chink. Superbe. lulw. =)

Le franciski.

v, w. pronounce.


Making progress on my rrrrreading.

Haven’t touched boozed in over a month.

So yeah. Life’s good and I’m paranoid.

I need to enjoy my freedom before the thought police come for me again.


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