The Process

It’s amazing how abusive everyone is. It’s like, your profile is on display. Come on dudes. Someone’s gonna catch you sooner or later. Especially on the free internet.



Got em.

It’s complicated, noninvasive brain surgery, but I have no other option.

I’m trying to program some stuff in Unity, and it would normally be very easy for me. But now I’m 33 and stupid so it isn’t. lulw.

It’s funny how I’ve actually gotten STUPIDER as I’ve aged. It’s sad. =(. It makes me sad, anyway.

I do get into a lot of fights on the internet though. When I was a baby and had my buds on the game forum I played, no one got into a fight with me. I don’t know why they do now. I think the quality of soul out there has just degraded.

Flourish yee technology, shatter thine soul.

Something. Like. That.

I have to reach into my bloody puss-filled blackhead, make it bleed, and eat the shit that comes out. Fuck you fuckers, this is brain surgery. I said it was messy.



My life’s definitely turned into a dystopian scifi psychological thriller, though. I have constant problems with “the authorities” in mind games, and people just somehow seem to know me, I don’t get it, they know me and hate me. It’s so weird.

It’s so weird.


The frequency at which I no longer feel safe is astounding. California is not a progressive state by any means if my life here is any indicator.


Reach into the hole, pull out the feces, eat it.

The process.

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