The thing with games, and books, and movies, and TV, and etc., media, is that they tell meaningful stories, and you get involved in them, and you feel new things, and feel life, in another way, and meet people… who don’t exist, but don’t hate you, because they aren’t real, but they are there, they have been created, and they have stories to live, and you see them, and it’s love, and life, in a strange way, it isn’t real, but it something…

I don’t feel like I have a friend in anyone. So when I meet characters in works of fiction, who I relate to, who I love and love me, in that metaphysical nonexistentialist way, I feel something inside, meaning, life, I don’t know. It is real, there aren’t words for it, but it’s real, and it changes me, for the better.

And I just… I wish I could have someone to talk to.

Someone will offer, and it won’t feel right. I don’t know why.

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