The Plan

I have a bad habbit of needing to tell someone all of my developments, even if it’s just you.

Well, I’ve decided I need to be more logical.

Do I need to drop dead and be a pro web designer and game designer at the same time, work petal to the metal pedal to the floor without any surefire goals but to make it profitable? No timelines or anything? No that’s stupid.

I’d say chip in a little every day. I have some time, but not forever, plus I don’t want to die having achieved nothing. So put in a little every day. Then, also, do what I like. Make my life meaningful, because what is existence of the existential dilemma but to fulfill meaning. We all have to ask this question sooner or later, unless we were born with the momentum that carries us to the grace. Lucky folks, they.

So, a little work each day, and write poetry for fun. If other life opportunities arise, bank on them, otherwise, don’t wish for infinite wealth to fall out of the sky, even if it’s social wealth. Doesn’t matter what form it takes. Don’t wish for so much you can’t have, because you’re stupid and you’ll feel bad.

Reading, keep reading. Like reading, is to, keep excercising. Reading, excercise. Cooking on top of that would be nice, help mom out and after they leave my life, I have to learn to enjoy cooking on my own.

And that’s it. That’s a fulfilled life. What is this big moral dilemma I have each evening? Jesus. It’s not so hard.

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