My dad is a two-faced lying wasteful slime ball. Greddy cuck. He bought four cars and didn’t need any. He could have had one repaired. He bought four new, used, ones. Stupid idiot, baka baka baka.

He rented signed a three year contract lease for an office at $2900 a month. Dumb shit. Now he expects us to help him with “communal” finances. Retardo.

I’m not giving him a penny. Slimey shit.

Went out with family (that means everyone but Dad, dad’s not family) yesterday to this garden estate. My mom and brother middle like it because they’re elitist capitalist scum bags who like making it to the top and shitting on everyone beneath them. With grace, and art. Fuckers.

They’re so hypocritical.

Baby brother was there tho. He’s so annoying and useless trash to be around because he’s so sensitive I’m not allowed by mom to say anything NORMAL around him Like How are you doing even, that’s not allowed, because that makes him depressed.

This family is trash.

I need out. But for that I need a job, and I don’t want to pipet anymore. A degree in biology = you’re a pipetting slave. Good job. You have one function and it’s to pipet. Stupid. Fooled ya!

Yeah I got scammed. My degree is useless. The knowledge doesn’t matter. They just need someone who can pipet.

Books still all over my desk. The most romantic part of the room.

I finished this mini itx computer, it’s sitting uner my desk now. On the lower platter. It’s noisy because the ceiling fans case fans are loud. The CPU fan is quiet, and the PSU fan too. So really if I turned off the case fans and just let the case stay open, passive cooling, it would be a quiet system.

Brb diahhrea.

Ok. So. It’s cloudy outside and people, the retards that want me dead, deserve to be dead themselves, because they’re cucks. Cuck sucking cucks. Fuck offfffffffffff. Dick.

The only sad part is it compromises my own elegance. Which I used to value very much. But defending my sanity is also very important.

My brother middle is an ass. He thinks I’m stupid and likes making jest of me. He’s a loathsame capitalist scum bag.

Ask me questions and I will answer.

I wish I had someone to talk to.

The system has failed.

My legs, my hamstrings, fore, are atrophying, the muscle tissue is getting flabby. Slowly but surely. It’s horrifying to me. =(

I need to do jogs, springs, like, running, man, running.

Life is not worth living.

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