There are no signs of life here

Carrot juice stops my delusions

I have to exert effort to write again

Joke’s on you cunt: No I don’t

There’s no signs of life here

I live in my room

Or do I live in my mind

These are good endings

But cunt I’m not done

Fuck you stupid

Cunt stupid

Cunt fuck you

I want learning to be an easy normal task

I dont’ want to be handicapped or challenged

A little bit a day doesn’t add up to anything

When you have a form of schizophrenia

And depression

Your little is their ant

They crush it in the rubble

It doesn’t add up to jack shit

You’re a useless nothing

Meaning, I am



I want to write my therapist

but she has successfully supressed me.

Do I want people to feel sorry for me?

Yes. I do.

That would make me feel better.

People are reading my mind.


Fuck youo.

They don’t get it by now.

They’re surprised every time.

Stupid fuck cucks don’t realize

You can’t read my mind.

But because they’re stupid fuck cucks

They keep trying.

Useless waste of carbon.

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