I hate dictators and dictatorships. What do I do to fight them? I hate china, for terrorizing its citizens, I and for ass raping tibet. I hate Putin and some parts of Russia. I hate a lot of south america. I hate some parts of america, largely the republican base. I hate the torries (republicans) in Britain. I hate conservatism largely. At its purest roots its fine, but to the stupid extremes its taken, its so out of context and used as an escape mechanism for just being a shit. A terrrrrd.

Fuck off.

I’m an android. Murder me. Homo. Fuck you. I’m an android. Love it. Suck my android balls. Fuck off.

I think what I did, starting a literary magazine to lower the threshold for publication, and making it semi-legitimate with an ISSN and stuff, is good. Speaking of which, that reminds me: I need to add to the website a section that shows all our prize award nominees. Ugh. Programming. Yuck. -_-

I hate how the system has been designed, through and through, to be yucky and hard work and just balls to the walls slavery. It’s cocksucker. It’s terd fuckink. Fuck you. Fuck off. I hate the system for how hard people have made it. We could all have it easy. We could. But the greed at the top makes the slaves beneath work hard. Anal rape. Amiright?

Fuck you. Fuck off.

Ugh I don’t know what to do.

I guess I’ll keep my lit mag running, for starters. Continue trying to get published. It takes so long, it’s so slow. So maybe self-publishing. But then I have to slave away and advertize myself at like bookstores and whore brothels and shit shops.

Fuck tits.

So I don’t know.



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