yeh yeh *dun dun dun dun dun*

I’m serious about this anti-dictatory pro-creativity pro-freedom thing. pro-life, but not pro life as in anti-abortion. Like, free life, love. Brutality where necessary.

So. What I mean. Is like, have I considered that the DEMOCRATIC party is the dictatory, and has brainwashed all the smart people, and are scapegoating innocent clumsy republicans who ARE STUPIDER yes stupider and inept at defending themselves? I am not educated in the evidence. Keep all doors open. Don’t be afraid. But if you’re afraid that’s fine it’s not the end of the world.

So in any case. Try to be as imaginative as possible. But then, go on to the step of digging through evidence, finding truths, greater and greater and greater, until you feel you have a cogent world view or at least political world view.

I will try this method.

And yes, I’m not leaving the democrats out of the hook. They are often beurocratic and evil, too. Things could be better. They are pro-hard work (instead of pro-love, pro-creativity, pro-freedom), pro-capitalism (instead of pro-socialism).

Well some of them are socialist. Now I have to find out what’s wrong with that.

Everyone wants to hide their flaws. That only makes you look worse, dog. Keep your windows open and let the mistakes shine. People have faith in those who have faith in the people. Trust lies where trust is given.

Something like that.

I sense a lot of aggression and hiding from even liberal politicians. So fuck it. Evil. Slime. I’m pointing my gun at whoever I want.

Fuck offfffffffff.


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