Fuck off

I don’t really feel like writing but fuck the duck dad’s raping me ‘gen.

Her her her.

Wrote my therapist bout it.

Fuck the duck bone the stone.

What of I chirp it off.

No whatever I mean life is horrifying.

Why do the fools think there’s anything good about being alive.

Death is better.

Or not death, but nonexistence.

The process of going from existing to nonexisting is inherently painful and pain is bad so death is bad.

But a painless death, ideally, is a good thing.

I hope this happy holiday season all of you may have painless deaths as soon as possible.

It’s what I would want for me and all of my family together at exactly the same instant so that society would not miss any one of us.

Problem solved. No grief.

Never look back.

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