Fuck You!

I still don’t know why everyone yells at me. They are criminals and they must be brought to justice, for harassment of a handicapped person (myself). Fuck you die in prison, shits.

But in gentler news, I’m focusing today on finishing (yes, I should realize I should dedicate the whole day to this task) the week 3 homework for my web design course on Coursera.org with Yaakov Haikin. He’s a funny Jew.

So many Jews are, though. Funny, that is.

See? I can tell jokes.

Well anyway.

Diarrhea shit feces is about to come spraying out of my butthole…

Never mind. I went to the toilet and sat on it and sprayed my diarrhea shit feces into the toilet bowl. Then I flushed the toilet bowl after wiping a lot because it was a dirty mess and it all went away into the septic system. Thank god for septic systems. Don’t you think?

But let’s not stray. My primary focus for today is to finish homework week 3 for my web design e-course.

Come on. Let’s admit it. I’m not that wise. I may have been, but I was overly wise, so now that I’m less wise, it fits better. It’s more normal now. Talking about shit feces. Pffff. Come on. Silly.

I’m really quite happy. It’s my mother’s deep (stupid, retarded, fucked up garbagio, she’s retarded and an ass terd shit fuck garbage human who doesn’t move on or think logically not even emotions are they she’s just wallowing in the filth of her own butthole because she likes shit) grief about the death of *ahem* our pet cat. Months ago. Rather, a year ago, almost to the dot. She’s still grieving. About her favorite cat.

Her brother is dead. At the age of like 30.


She doesn’t talk about it. No one does. Today’s his birthday.

She’s so fucking stupid.


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