When the time comes, if I don’t do this right, right now, later, I’ll die, because I wasn’t brave enough. That’s why I’m holding back right now. So I have to be very careful. But even if I do it right, they might send me to prison. So.

I don’t know what to do. I’m having hallucinations and delusions which are harassing me. It’s not an episode because I’m not overcome by fear. But I am being destroyed. I don’t know what to do. Writing my therapist is useless.

My misery is profound. Ma misere est profonde. Profondement je pleure. Anyway, note to self: Keep learning French. Fucking assholes everywhere. Society is not a safe place to exist.

How to deal with the bullies, assholes, and pricks on the internet. And I’m being gender-neutral here. (They’re angry at me? For reasons not what I think.)

I hear other people talking in my brain. This is a human rights violation, just fyi. You’re not allowed in my brain. Please leave, when you can.

Jesus fuck christ shit fuck in the butt shit on your head fuck you slit throat baby in the blender in an oven in a microwave strategically planned to hit the tank and dent it in the side of the throat in ma belly fuck you psychic images of others. I am alone. I am […]