Computer paranoia comes in a few flavors. A few of the? I’m so scared of computers, computers can do everything, etc. etc. What else… turns out peple who are still alive who are no longer in my life can really fucking haunt me. Fucking fuck!

I wasn’t aware there were that many compulsive liars on the internet. Holy hell. And so many want to show you technology features that don’t exist in order to score visits to their websites. Why? I DO NOT get it. Holy hell. It’s fractions of pennies, dipshits. Fucking die. Die already.

In time you will find, as I already know, that it was neither the alcohol nor the caffeine But that they were merely correlated with the psychosis They did not cause it

The Little Thumb

What’s wrong with hate? Why stasis? Why stats… Who changes TWO TWICE(s)is fuck Who is Mary Todt. Who are you? You don’t know me. You’re getting too close. Call the cops. Times come. Hope’s up. Hope’s up. Hop hop hippo Distaste’s mine No reflection but the natural inspiration They like their money whore Fuck the […]

So many things are wrong. I need this to hurry up. You all need to leave. All you “sentient existant voices” in my mind need to leave wherever you are that is making so much noise in my auditory-visual center. This hoax, this brain disease, this authoritarian regime is so fucked. Fuck. I’m not WRITING […]