Oh yeah insomnia for 3 days in a row if… well…

Wanna know what really happened today? I hallucinated, I had delusions. I’m still there. It was fucked. It’s “getting better”. Oh boy. Time with mom. She helped.

I’m 33.

Dad is trying out Uber and Lyft.

I was haunted by people today. They psychically, metaphorically raped me today, all day. It didn’t involve sex but it did involve the same degree of violation. Of mind, of humanity, mine, of individuality, of psychology, mine, of self, identity, body, soul, everything. I was dead on the inside, only I was alive and well–and very easy to penetrate. Fucked so easily.

What the hell.

I am such flesh.

I have no mental D. Like in the video games.

Now I’m seeing ass and genitalia everywhere while listening to jazz and reading Martin Dressler.

What the fuck.

There’s more. So much more.

But I hope that’s enough for now.

Good night folks.

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