I feel as though because I have fewer followers than a larger blog, I can afford to be a bit more selfish than most. Not so much responsibility on me.

Then again, I shouldn’t do anything that would inspire anyone to deadly behavior. That would be irresponsible of me as a writer.

Amazing. On the one hand you have censorship. On the extreme opposite, propaganda. Both, tools of the government. This is a democratic republic, I suppose…

What was I going to say…

English is such a slow language.


My argument here is, why do I have to bend over backwards with MY blog if I don’t want to write something, even if YOU say it’s a good thing to write. What?

I had to argue it specifically to get you to stop?

Oh well, at least you didn’t.

Talking to my hallucinations again…

That’s right. I’m hearing things still. it’s been about four days straight now. I slept five hours last night fortunately. Nightmares all night though.

My fingers can’t keep up with my brain.

Got a drug test today.

Also liver function panel. Because a pill I take. Such and such dosage adjustments.

I don’t know. I either need a really good activity or a mood boost. My therapist says so much bullshit. Why did ded.




maybe i take a day off

i’ve had a really bad intense brain disease the last few days

it’s intense


do they say how hard it is?

but fighting a mental illness

that is always

well people complain about that

i’ll just put it that way

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