Sparse Sets, or Have I been studying too much topology? sociology version

I think, I have often stated and sincerely felt as if I have no “home” or “place to hang out” on the internet because, well, there isn’t one. Unless you’re a hardcore [this] enthusiast, and go to [this] forums, there isn’t really just a place for whatever to shoot the beans. And I mean, what else is there but.

So yeah. We’re all, on this big little planet, so far apart, so close together, isolated, sparse, dense in some regards, but not really in proximity to communicate unless we know one another by name and phone number. It’s not my utopia.

So. Yeah. It’s lonely. It’s empty. It’s cold. My new inner image of society and people for the social scene.

But if I accept this model of the real thing, I find I am much less panicked, not desperately looking for what isn’t there.

I need to relax. My anxiety disorder gets the better of me.

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