Life is amazing with a quiet mind. When not miserable. Wow. Psychic force from people to stop me. Prevent my motions. No no, you are doing you incorrectly. We know you better than yourself (they say that) and we are going to improve you (they say that) by doing you our way. Well fuck. Do […]

Where do I go from here? Society exerts this pressure upon me, does not want me to function. So much evil. I don’t know. I don’t. What to say…


Voices. First thing after I woke up voices. Fuck. Holy shit. Why. This soon? It’s getting worse. No episode for… months. That is the only benefit of Latuda 120 mg. However. The psychiatrist will see what she chooses to see. Fucking failure at life. Imposing her will on others. Getting paid bizarro high money. Useless […]