First thing after I woke up voices.

Fuck. Holy shit. Why. This soon?

It’s getting worse.

No episode for… months.

That is the only benefit of Latuda 120 mg.

However. The psychiatrist will see what she chooses to see.

Fucking failure at life.

Imposing her will on others.

Getting paid bizarro high money.

Useless trash.

What was I to say.

So I choose my words better than before.

I’ve improved.

Who are these imposing pricks.

My mother is such trash.


My life has been horrible except for the athleticism, the intellectual grind, and the drugs.

Sometimes playing games with family and friends was okay.

I mean. That’s all. That’s life.

And I expected so much more.

Like a job, for starters. Something to engage in, for self profit. To survive.

But I guess they left that one out. Society doesn’t select for this type.


Eat steel!

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