Remember your manners on the internet.

Yes, it does all boil down to clearing your head.

But, I mean, a brain disease, is a lot of boiling. I don’t know how much.

So much that you have to start doing things regularly for scheduled periods of time instead of once for however long. It’s longer, the sum, in the end, that way. So you have to do it that way, the cleansing of thoughts. Not fascist in the least. lulw.


So I should keep blogging.

But. The pain. What. I need my therapist to tell me what I should do about my brain pain. Push through? Orlike, what exactly? Take a break? What does it mean to “take a break”? Lie in bed for five minutes? To loosen my bodily muscles? On a soft mattress and bedding?

Or what?

It’s all real. There are physical details. Reality. Pay attention. You might miss some important parts. But no one’s going to die because of you. Unless you work in a hospital and they’re your patients. On their death beds.

How nice.

Conclusion always eludes me. That just means KEEP WRITING!

I have to go. I’m waiting for my psychiatrist to call.

Fuck I hate this Chinese chinkass bitch fuck ass whore.

I’m right, though. Writing racist shit is wayyyyyyyyyy better than physically battering someone. Way better.

What about propaganda?

Ahh yes. That debate. Well.

We’ll get there.

We’ll get there.

Better I control the voices than the other way around.

‘Tis only norm’.


Somecombination of enjoy and fuck you.



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