I’m so angry and my only outlet is writing. As you can see it is completely outmatched. I am, I mean. And if I say even slightly the wrong this, it fucks me. So it’s stacked. Fuck you fuck you fuck you I’m going to kill you.

I wake up, I don’t even feel the blessing of life anymore. I just feel useless. That’s because I am. I am unemployed and I don’t do anything. I don’t even exercise. I have a fat belly. =( Why does everything have to be so hard. Thanks for stopping by.

i normally write my poetry on my other blog (burndoubtstar.art) but i think i owe you some normative stationment went far went awry went otherwise outside and saw the light of the morning in his chest kissed him on th ebreast made way for the next generation made way for traffic and cars on the […]

At the book store with mom. To work. To write. Um. Poetry I guess but if I could learn to write short stories that would work really well, too. Blog posts are easy, of course, for me, because I hold myself to no standards with them. Wearing my mask and everyone else is except the […]

I don’t know, I mean, in the vein of (great word) making my sentences longer for better entertainment, maybe I can do this. Writing in here is so pointless, it breaks my heart. I am now angry, I should be careful. I say mean things when I’m angry. I shouldn’t, so I should calm my […]