That this is my home makes me despondent. Someone is definitely shitting on me, this isn’t my own ineptitude. There’s malicious forces trying to ruin me. I need to fight back. See? See this open-ended chaos? Right there, after that last paragraph. It’s like, evil flaunting its power. It makes no sense. How do I […]

Ok so like. I think we’ve reached this point. I don’t want to hurt anyone. But I’m hellav angry and I’m going to verbally abuse you. So stick around at your own peril.

I’m amazed how so many people can have such bad taste. Just unfriended a good number of you pricks on here. So yeah. Feel free to follow me because none of you harass me. Worst comes to worst you don’t even interact with me. Yeah… humanity… brotherhood… Well anyway. I hate you. We all know […]

What am I supposed to be doing with my life? The educational system didn’t prepare me at all for modern society. And it largely lies in the realm of philosophy. There are too many unanswered questions for me to be able to function properly. Fuck you, everyone involved in the system that trashed me! We’re […]

I don’t want to do anything but I do want to defeat this monster. This fucking monster, my psychosis, ” “, the man behind the mask, pulling the strings. I want to murder him. Fucker. I am so motivated. I’m motivated to bring about justice for myself. It never ends well. For me. That much […]

I’m so fucked. The therapists say Don’t Drink Don’t Smoke have a Healthy Life it’s backed up by science but they don’t motivate it psychologically. There’s no reward to being healthy. It doesn’t feel good. I’m depressed, is that healthy? You’re not helping me be un-depressed. Drinking makes it better. You want me to stop […]