I can’t think anymore. The parents control me, violate me; the strangers at the park Republicrats whatever, shoot me psychically. I’m fucked. No more smiles ever.

I no longer read habitually. I don’t know that I ever did, actually. I cheated on some books in high school. Reading fiction was never my strong suit. Hmm.

I need to remember to say No, and to Be myself. Every bit I succumb and give in the police state grows stronger. It’s very important. -_- Again, my life is not normal. No mistakes allowed. Sigh…

My life is not normal. It’s not wake up go to work come home play video games or read. It is not normal. My mom made me a sandwich I diidn’t ask for. Now it’s on my desk. I had a brief panic attack about whether I should eat it or not. That was her […]

I still have the delusion that telepathy is real. A confirmatory bang in the garage from my father here, some thought about the neighbors there, voices, etc. It just seems according to my brain to be real. But it fucking sucks because it means loss of autnomy, loss of privacy. Thought police. Police state. That […]

My life is miserable. I spare strangers and friends the trouble of bitching and being inhumane with my words by doing that here. So don’t fuck me, I’m fair. But I don’t have a routine at the comp. I don’t design video games. that sounds like ti would be fun but nothing ever works. I […]

Life’s not going too well. I’m cranky all the time, and tired. I’ve been resuming obsessive caffeinated coffee drinking, so my fatigue is returning. I remembeer last time at work I drank 10 coffees a day, I was so fatigued. I just had like 4 glasses of water to try to fight it in hopes […]