fond of the river. Had a subtle queueu waiting for deluge, diluvian, make-fairer. Hated it, like a number or a caller. He called her a weaboo, whatever that means, and I took it for granted. They were all very cheerful and it was sad to think about. Such good people, so kind and hard-working. Just sad. I don’t know why it made me sad, but it did. To explain… sort of like, you see a beautiful thing, and it makes you sad. That doesn’t explain it. Perhaps there is no explanation. It’s not even sensical. Why would something good make one sad? Oh well. It is what it is. We all have our times and the time tics quickly. It’s a plant’s world, slow motion anti humble detection systems. Very warm. Very Catholic. It is quickly painted over the house over the car and we love it to the best. The beast. Very warm, very quick. Planted in the summer, gave rise to winter blossoms. A miracle, at that.



Rendetta, tefolla, comafruit. Like a nile like a hile like a pile of shit batteries. Hated the quality, likesomething out of a car crash. Caar crash the bed party in two time two time two time like times a finity. Wait for it, it’s nothing. TNothing Tee Enn nothing for sample size. Waiting on my cousin to deliver the fruit to the previously agreed destination. “Fruit” being a very strong euphemism for some things law enforcement would greet with happiness for it might give them a raise. Raise the death toll to a finity. Cap n trade. Like deals like flies like fliers advertizing the baby drop zone.


I want a pet bat and some meaning to the drughery. Heavy hit, remember the time I spawned a demon to solve my computer problems. It was very Sherlock.


Double trouble toil and some fart composition of letters that makes a sound sort of like this: tlelldjiaodkhghsieilsdjgeksffffeksklflskdf.



a little bit at a time. Fondle the moment like a keen lover. You make what you sow wo so who cares in due time and such something or other little beans. Hated it almost as much as a writhing ocropus on shores eternally unbound from mine and mine then some to take few other copies into laborious juxtaposition SNAP it all down twig-like slowdown town


You use to call me on my cell phone late night when I need my love narcissus is the bst GreekGod hater or something like that to the tune of a few thousand dollars and keep it under your shirt tucks, pause, type type type, pause, continue with what it is STYLE she types so uniquely and smust be at least in her 40s if not 50s. Very hot woman. With crazy hair and highlights to boot. Very hot woman.


Installing the x windowing system on cygwin so I can learn some bioinformatics it is just taking a really long time to install


Hate and hate again


Timeless imemoriable like a fluid, hated in fillings and shillings, okay dawn dawn to tbe eternally yours like a fluid, imemoriable, hated and dated slated like a lone gunner stunner knick knack shopping fluid.


This world is too short for my tastes. It’s short on change, it’s short on meaningful dialogue, it’s short on substance. I hang around the wrong memes tbh.


Left limbo in tune with hated hatred rhymes o boi oh boi which way to do it so that it does it all the a ways?


a a ayws ayws I meant to say ayes but ins tead I said it ayws what a flop


tumble to tumble too thoughtful


halt a halt too deliberate


make swift instinct a prime


make right flow like a n oceanic deluge


make do make may think


The world’s cats mean to smelt.

The world’s cats mean to smelt and I induce a cuddle-fuck state of panicky-wanicky for fear of retributial senescence.






Wright my main


Let it sink in

for a little while


So here it goes

We know a few things that that that athathahtahtaht that are dounem.


Dounem is my favorite shade of crystal.


Crystal is my favorite temperature of paper.


Papyrus is a technology used to control pest infestation.


Nightmare tunics are worn in and around the academy. Baby be hot or on fire for once in your life.


Okay it seems to be working now.


Melun Diptych, Poems of Interpretation


My King Midas ♛ (poem)

My King Midas ♛ (poem).


Luckily, you both blink and sleep.”

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