‘Least You Can Asphyxiate Peacefully When You Focus On It

Wine acridity chips away chemically at

The enamel of my teeth

I listen to the names and they speak words to me

Turns out I was tortured again

This morn’

What the hell?


I’m on the pills that make it livable

They say you still have to live with it

It’s funny how realistic

The betrayal of a loved one can look

When it comes from your own mind

It’s funny how dead the cat can be

When it’s split at the atom and not at the whisker

I’m reminded of uncles I have never known in casinos I

Never vomited in

That guy drowned

That one, car crash

Another, shot in the back by a client

Don’t do business with people is all I can say

And may you live a wholesome life

Alone, ‘least you’ll die in the ‘plane with your head

Down next time