I don’t know, I mean, in the vein of (great word) making my sentences longer for better entertainment, maybe I can do this. Writing in here is so pointless, it breaks my heart. I am now angry, I should be careful. I say mean things when I’m angry. I shouldn’t, so I should calm my […]

And my parents are freaking out over this cat. They just can’t shut up. Fucking retards. And there’s news about China’s market on TV. And I am antsy beyond measure, and need a lot of beer to calm down (alcoholism) or lots of coffee to feel good (decaf, not a caffeine addiction). My life is […]


We’re going to Monterey for the weekend and for my birthday (they are the same thing) with brothers little and middle and me and mom. Dad’s not invited because he’s a nasty person. I’m fidgety right now which isn’t good. But I’ll be okay in the car because it’s just being in the car. I […]