Mind-Numbing Fuck(ery)

This place is not talking to anyone else. It is talking to yourself and other people hearing.

Sounds like insanity, right?

I’m trying to come at it from a soft angle.

The song? The song is a penis?


My imagination-reality blending is so absurd and… disgusting & gross sometimes. Yikes.

Sorry for all of this. Still smiling.

I hate so much. I had a ton of CBD now I’m all relaxed and well-fed for once. I also overdosed (not lethally (duh)) on my klonopin. Max is 4 mg, had like 5 or 5.5 I need this. I need this so bad.

The words look like they’re floating back and forth. Oh my. This is quite a concept.

Feeling warm and fuzzy.

Now I just have to look at my hand for an hour and cry at the sheer beauty.

Right. That’s LSD, not benzos. Get it straight!

Now a sneaky song starts playing. From a game I shall not name: Chrono Cross. When they’re on the boat, sneaking around? Or the manor? I don’t remember.

Once I get permanently stoned, I’m gonna play so many RPGs.

I should give marijuana another try. Probably edibles.  I think it’s time.

There’s this pain, that just shows up every so often, that’s just intolerable. There’s no form of meditation that would make it right. I need bliss patched right into that hole. I’ll give the SSRI a few months, up to 20 mg lexapro, so, and, CBD, and if the doctor continues, klonopin. Worst comes to worst I binge drink and get sent to a hospital and possibly die, possibly survive.

This is all realistic possibility for my future.

Hmm. That turned dark real quick! LOL! See? I have a memory. Except when there’s no data. Then I’m SPONTANEOUS. WrrrblaARH. Y’know, that sort of stuff.

What am I talking about?

Me, ahhhh, and my deadly voice enjoy it, too. Glad to accomp’y, fellows.

K, didn’t reread what I wrote, went to the bathroom. But, needless to say, and this is absolutely mind-numbing having to explain this to you (see, now I’ve forgotten and have to remember…)) FUCK. I forgot. I’M the idiot. Not you. And I feel like such a failure for that. But it makes me smile. Oh does it make me smile a criminal, criminal smile.

See? Writing is fun!

I can’t end it like that. I absolutely can-naughty naughty.

Here on the other side

I can hear you breathing, I can read your mind

-some anjunabeats/ab&b song

Song lyrics can go blow.

Blow up dynamite.

Strip mine for rare earth minerals.

Make a killing on the african and european markets.