Without remorse the sense that some ought to know more than others ought to bring some to tears while others arears. Not without saying that the frigh to flight to delight of neither never mind is what wins the game. In shame. But I hit without little bits and some say that I should go […]

I was young. I was very young. The ones who took my tongue away also planted seeds inside me. These seeds, they grew. But the trees died. The trees died and caught fire and ignited nearby homes and burnt down neighborhoods and caught farmlands off-guard. These seeds to these trees to this fire. This fire […]

See You Coming

This isn’t going to go the direction I want it to:   Has a habit of over-tightening things. Finger tight is too tight, for his fingers held a tennis racquet his whole life. He has strong fingers. Wonder where they’ve been? Just across the street, crossing red lights and pale orange lanterns. The buzz from […]


Time to fuss things up. My mind is a soup and I must fish out the ideas with the metaphorical fish hooks in my mouth. They have been there for very long. Ferry lonk tiem, sirdame. I ask for reprieve; they send me a payday loan. I wonder of stardome; they tell me my heart […]

Stasis Trap


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Am I the lust in the sandwich. The cross-ant legacy of another dilly-dallier. They wait, and they go on. I know I must. It is scent, scene, cross-hatching. The neighbors do their laundry. I am still. I am always still. Frozen in panic. That’s me. Normal me. Good ol’ normal me: Frozen in panic.

My rumination a thoughtless gesture To stymy and sting and sing the songs oft lesson-made oft left behind weighed in The slang for correction I guess And so does my mother We are well To swill is from lightness I guess and  no one cares To doubt That is the faucet There’s no error in […]

I have nothing to do. This nest is rigged. Rigged the the stuffing fulls. It’s an explosive to go off in about an hour. Not to panic anyone. there’s no explosive. It’s a lie. then there’s the dandelions. I nest in the dandelions and I am stained in my room with red paint. The T-shirt […]

Well, I’m here, and I have nothing to say, as usual. Nothing is happening and there’s no nothing yeah nothing. So it goes. What do I do? I don’t know you. How long have you been here? What’s it like? I’m perverse, and the nutritional supplements are expired. There’s tenderness in a net somewhere, weighing […]