Trying to Make It Right

I don’t see the problem with talking. There’s a lot of nasty dumbasses on the internet. Even here, on WordPress. I hope you’re not paranoid and thinking I’m talking about you. I really don’t mean to cause any undue consternation. I apologize if I do. Well anyway, it was just talk. I unfollowed a few […]


I just get this feeling that everyone hates me when, it’s surprising that anyone even knows me. No one visits my site, no one really… stops by or reads any of my stuff. I don’t think anyone knows me. So how could they hate me? And how can you even sense hate through the internet […]

I guess just write it down?…

People. Okay so just to preface this I am having a psychotic episode. Welcome! New terrain? Not to worry; I shall be your merry guide through the nightmarish landscape. So, now for some descriptions: Everything is facking jumping out at me, there are these voices narrating my thoughts, and there’s this daydream version of reality […]

This place is sort of the unofficial log of my schizophrenia. I am diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder but I’m not depressed anymore so I think the diagnosis should be changed to bona fide schizophrenia but they didn’t do that because psychiatry is an ineffectuate shitshow. I can’t stay in my room too long because of […]