It’s a workday but I have no tasks assigned nor instructions on how to do anything so I’m just standing by. That means shitting around on the internet. Well. It doesn’t feel good. Not that labwork ever feels good, mind you. I don’t have any friends, not that I would want that liability, and I […]

I’m sick of waging these philosophical battles that have nothing to do with me. Leave me alone, art. Leave me alone, death. Leave me alone, people. I’m sick of waiting to be appreciated for my talent. I want what I’ve deserved all along now. Now. I don’t want to force it anymore. I’m so tired.

Might seduce your dad type

I’ve been blogging so long, and I’m on twitter for a while, and no one finds me. I find no like-minded individuals. I don’t know why. Everyone’s a prick. Everyone’s soft. Everyone’s into pop and brainless. Everyone’s this or that, but no one contemplates and adores progress. No one is an engineer with a tough […]