Guys guys guys I saw another attractive girl. This one was not in my age group but definitely legal (>18yo). I saw her from the side first a glance, then the turned and was walking away from me. I make sure to look only at the head when I’m looking at girls, not to harass anyone, but my peripheral vision gets a good dose of ass. She had such a nice ass, wearing black leggings. Just the right size–big but not too big. And just the right shape. Oh I what I wouldn’t go to bed with her. I bet she would look amazing from behind naked. Sigh.

Seeing attractive girls just makes my day.

She was kind of a little tall, and had slouched shoulders. So attractive.

You could really see her butt crack through the leggings. Her butt was round but fit. Large, round, and fit. Best of both worlds–big is good, but fat is ugly. I love fit asses, and big is good. Small is good, too. Small is “cute” in the way that cute means sexy.

Girls are so oblivious to how basically-naked they look in leggings. I love it.

Anyway this was at Whole Foods and I think she must have been an employee at one of the grocery sections but I couldn’t tell for sure.