I’m so trapped I have no one to talk to the schizoaffective disorder continues to destroy my life (more accurate than saying “is going to destroy” but also less correct for impulsive emotional reasons–which do count in a state of varjakBaby court of law). Mom’s asleep how much does shee need for work? I want […]

Might seduce your dad type

I’ve been blogging so long, and I’m on twitter for a while, and no one finds me. I find no like-minded individuals. I don’t know why. Everyone’s a prick. Everyone’s soft. Everyone’s into pop and brainless. Everyone’s this or that, but no one contemplates and adores progress. No one is an engineer with a tough […]

I don’t know. This is going to be a lackluster post, just because that’s how I’m feeling: lackluster. Also, I should be studying/working on the game/being productive/reading right now, but I’m just here, updating this/you. Whoop. Sarcastic whoop. I just filled out a reopening request for my unemployment claim, because I forgot to certify for […]