Okay updating again. My brother is harassing me and maybe I have learned something. Why is psychiatry so useless. I just want to tell to my psychiatrist’s face how useless he is. Sigh.

Survived(?) a fuckton of assault and threat from all the strangers at the beach here, there were fireworks and it was a disaster. Everyone was “well-behaved” and “orderly”, meaning passive aggressive vicious Americans. And apparently Japanese, since they come here too. So cross Japan out of the ideal vacation spots. They don’t seem like good people, either. Very aggressive. They harass peaceful harmless people like me.

What have you been up to? I don’t hear a lot about you. I don’t really even know who you are. Are you on vacation too? I wish we could talk. But you’re just an Audience, and that’s not how the interaction works. I’m not allowed to say or do a lot of things, at the moment because brother the youngest is repressing me with threats of violence. So I don’t really have any freedom. I live in America. So there you go! Census done.

I hope your day is going well. Let me know how you feel tomorrow, okay?