Being mentally ill x not having activities to engage in does not spell instant death, but it is for sure not a good thing. You tend to regress into that evil baseline, that level of stable corruption in your mind that you are used to that does not serve, that destroys you and eats you […]

I have a lot of problems. This is (one of the reasons) why I write. It accelerates the thinking process and helps me figure out my problems. Scientists will be scientists this statement has not been analytically evaluated. What I mean to say is, there is so much uncertainty everywhere, combined (short circuit in the […]

My love is for this planet. The people who have invaded it and are destroying it do not belong and must go. My love is for this planet and its plants. True travel, true experience, comes from nature, and consuming the bounty of the Earth. The pigs called humans don’t belong here. They must be […]